Feminine Feature: Alyssa Kuzins

Moving to a new city, there are a lot of unknowns. When I graduated from college in 2014, I followed my then boyfriend (now husband) to Atlanta. I had a good job there, and we were happy, but I didn't find the friendships or community connections I needed. After just shy of two years there, [...]

They Say Rain Brings Flowers

I took an accidental hiatus from my blog, in case you didn't notice. At the end of last year, I was actively writing more than any other time in my life and it felt amazing. My last big project was "mindfully ending 2016," remember? I feel like I did exactly that, I wrapped 2016 up [...]

Day #16, Say It Aloud

The practice of using mantras came to me when I got back into yoga after college. Almost two years ago, a yoga instructor in Atlanta told our class, "It's OK to sway in tree pose, branches sway in the wind too. Just don't believe that swaying means you will fall." Don't believe that swaying will [...]

Day #15, Holiday Chaos

Good morning light seekers! This year, we're doing the holidays differently at my house. Instead of travelling and pushing ourselves to see everyone on the holiday, we are staying home. This is mostly because we have had a busy year, and want to dwell in the stillness and familiarity of our lives for the holiday [...]

Day #14, Spend Time With Yourself

Happy Thursday, and here's our last day of Light! We all know that solo time is the first thing to go during the holidays. Family gatherings and parties with friends fill our time. Everyone else’s needs come first, right? But we've all heard the saying "You can't fill a cup from an empty pitcher." Keeping [...]

Day #12, Create New Traditions

When our holidays change, which they naturally do over time, there can be a sense of loss involved. This year will be the first time Aaron and I haven't been with either of our families for the holiday, and instead of dwelling on what we're going to miss out on, we're trying to create new [...]