Day #32, It’s Not a Let Down

The day after Christmas has always been one of two things in my life. Either it’s a day in the car heading back home from my grandparent’s house, or it’s a quiet, cozy day at home. Some of my friends (those beautiful tribe members I reflected on yesterday) have told me the day after the [...]

Day #26, Moments of Clarity

For years, there were distinct versions of Emily you could have known. I will never forget this story from my childhood. My parents came to my school for parent-teacher conferences when I was in Kindergarten. I was a morning Kindergarten kid, and after lunch I would walk across the street to the Dartmouth College Child Care [...]

Day #25, Never Too Late to Say Thank You

They say hindsight is 20:20. Looking back on Christmases past, I can pick out just a few presents that still come to mind. The ones that come to mind surprised even me, and certainly weren't the ones that cost the most. I vividly remember a year where huge fancy sleds were lined up against one [...]

Day #24, The Christ in Christmas

Sunday, another day of rest and certainly an appropriate day to talk about religion. Most of you know that my dad is an Episcopal priest. He's great, and I loved growing up in his church. I still love visiting him in Raleigh and listening to him preach. Week to week, though, I don't go to [...]

Day #22, Family Ties

Happy Friday, you beautiful people. As you get now, we start a new focus every Friday. Today begins our chapter of Authenticity. Many of you have shared with me your concerns about seeing extended family around the holidays. “It feels like they don’t even know me, and I don’t know them. They look at me [...]

Day #20, Vacation Time

Our jobs, our routines, our schedules are what keep us moving most of the year, but at Christmas-time we usually get a bit of reprieve from our rigorous schedules. This year I have a true winter recess, now that I work at a university, but Aaron has to work Christmas Eve. To balance it, we've [...]

Day #11, Give Back

Happy Day 11, readers. I know Monday mornings, even this time of year, are tough to look forward to, but today we're going to set our focus beyond ourselves. This morning, I'm probably spending a few extra minutes in bed before I head out into my day. To pull me out of that fog, I'm [...]