Day #30, What has Happened to You?

It's Christmas Eve, and we are approaching the end of the year quickly now. Personally, 2016 has been a year of transformation. We moved to a new city, I started a new job, we made a home from a family house, and all long we fell deeper in love. Even with all of that in… Continue reading Day #30, What has Happened to You?

Day #29, Who Are You?

Our week of Strength will be different. We’ve prepared for the holidays, they are upon us and soon they will be over. This week, journaling is really encouraged. The work we’re going to put in during this home stretch will help you outline and plan hopes and resolutions for the new year. There's a great… Continue reading Day #29, Who Are You?

Day #28, They Don’t Like You, Ok?

The hardest lesson of authenticity is the most obvious. Not everyone is going to like you if you aren't the peace-keeping chameleon you once were. I had two best friends through college, and once I found myself they told me they didn't like me anymore. I literally had to choose between loving myself, or being… Continue reading Day #28, They Don’t Like You, Ok?

Day #27, Weed Out the Inauthentic

I used to tell people I was a writer. In fact, I feel like I told a lot of people a lot of times, and yet I wasn't. I wrote sometimes, mostly alone in my journal in bed, but certainly I was not A WRITER. For the last year I've been blogging, sharing, talking, cultivating… Continue reading Day #27, Weed Out the Inauthentic

Day #26, Moments of Clarity

For years, there were distinct versions of Emily you could have known. I will never forget this story from my childhood. My parents came to my school for parent-teacher conferences when I was in Kindergarten. I was a morning Kindergarten kid, and after lunch I would walk across the street to the Dartmouth College Child Care… Continue reading Day #26, Moments of Clarity

Day #23, For That Special Someone

Gift giving can make us go a little crazy. Admit it, there's at least one gift you scraped together (or are about to scrape together) last minute. You might not feel that great about it, but it happens. What about the other end of the spectrum? You probably have at least one gift you are… Continue reading Day #23, For That Special Someone

Day #22, Family Ties

Happy Friday, you beautiful people. As you get now, we start a new focus every Friday. Today begins our chapter of Authenticity. Many of you have shared with me your concerns about seeing extended family around the holidays. “It feels like they don’t even know me, and I don’t know them. They look at me… Continue reading Day #22, Family Ties

Day #21, Seasonal Balance

Happy Day 21, Light Seekers! It's our final day focusing on Balance. Tomorrow we'll move deeper into our journey, but before we do I want to recap some of the lessons we learned about Balance. I consider my life fairly balanced, which has certainly not always been the case. Logistically, our families are extremely spread… Continue reading Day #21, Seasonal Balance

Day #20, Vacation Time

Our jobs, our routines, our schedules are what keep us moving most of the year, but at Christmas-time we usually get a bit of reprieve from our rigorous schedules. This year I have a true winter recess, now that I work at a university, but Aaron has to work Christmas Eve. To balance it, we've… Continue reading Day #20, Vacation Time

Day # 19, Happy List

Yesterday, I made 5 lists before noon. One was a typical Monday morning to-do list, two were shopping lists, one was a list of humans I want to connect with before our holiday recess, and the last was a "before the end of the year" list. I was exhausted just looking at them, and I… Continue reading Day # 19, Happy List