Day #5, Scatter Your Gratitude

Hey peeps! Here's your daily dose of gratitude. Enjoy! I was raised in a house where pleases and thank yous were expected, waited for, and taught. Still, as an adult I know there are people in my life I passively forget to thank, or socially don't know to thank. Have you ever received a message [...]

Day #4, Your View

Monday morning, and we're back at it! For those of us who had a little vacation, we're back to work and probably more focused on Christmas (or whichever upcoming holiday is stealing your focus) than we were last week. There are things waiting for you on your desk, tasks dying to be taken care of [...]

Day #2, Share the Gratitude

Good morning, and happy Saturday. The holiday rush is probably over. Maybe you're already home or headed home today. Either way, happy Day 2 of our journey! Today, I want you to look around and notice those people closest to you. They might be the ones you see at home, or the people you rely [...]

Day #1, gratitude list

Good morning readers and light-seekers! Day one’s task is a simple list, we're starting slow. All day long, I find myself rattling off complaints, both in my head and out loud. It’s cold, I’m hungry, Is it time to go home yet? We vocalize the issues, the holes, because as a community we are geared [...]

Weird, Not Weird.

My friend and fellow yogi, Alyssa, has a phrase she uses to describe the endless coincidences and connections that surround her life. She says things are “weird, not weird.” You know when people say, “sorry, not sorry?” They’re acknowledging that socially it’s probably the right thing to be “sorry” and yet they are not.

Mind, Body & Spirit: A journey of self-love

Being a woman is hard. Being alive is hard. I can't speak to what it is like to be a man, or what it is like to be dead, but these two things I know to be true. In childhood, things seemed much simpler, but as we grow we are exposed to the realities and [...]