The Human Experience

Note from the author: I almost didn't share this, out of concern for those who would feel triggered, and also because I was protecting myself. Sharing my own suicidal thoughts, worries and emotions comes with the burden of worrying everyone around me, but a very wise friend reminded me that way of thinking is exactly [...]

Day #6, Re-Frame Your Day

It’s Wednesday, hump day, just another day of the week. As we say goodbye to November, let’s take a look at our average day. Perspective is everything, and if we can just shift that view, re-frame our reality, perhaps there's a better way we could be seeing today. One of my favorite bloggers, writers and [...]

Day #2, Share the Gratitude

Good morning, and happy Saturday. The holiday rush is probably over. Maybe you're already home or headed home today. Either way, happy Day 2 of our journey! Today, I want you to look around and notice those people closest to you. They might be the ones you see at home, or the people you rely [...]

Mind, Body & Spirit: A journey of self-love

Being a woman is hard. Being alive is hard. I can't speak to what it is like to be a man, or what it is like to be dead, but these two things I know to be true. In childhood, things seemed much simpler, but as we grow we are exposed to the realities and [...]

Sunday Afternoon.

By E.Louise When waking up is success enough, When my make up is the mask I show the world,  Because my own face isn’t strong enough to bare the scrutiny, Because falling down and getting back up can hurt even the tough. But when you stand beside me I feel softer than snow. My strength you [...]

Full of Life

After I post on my blog, or upload something new to Instagram, I always click through the posts with the same hashtags I used. At first, I think I did this to get more attention on social media. Now, I do it for inspiration. To see what other creative spirits are putting out into the [...]