Why Warrior?

This journey isn’t one of weight loss or yoga or meditation or anything else I may have mentioned. The journey is about finding yourself and loving yourself unconditionally, and the topics I bring up are typically just tools I use to continue along this path of self-acceptance. I spent too much time in the first 21 years of my life trying to make other people like me or treat me right, and all along I was ignoring the most important relationship of all. The one I have with myself.

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For too long, I ignored the mental instability in my life and persisted forward convinced I could simple move beyond it. It wasn’t until I came back to my yoga practice after college that I began to truly understand that this battle. Finding the internal strength to rise above my mental illness was one of the most powerful and empowering experiences of my life. For me, this understanding came through my yoga practice, when I discovered I could cultivate emotional strength through a physical practice, without assistance from anyone else.

I realized this in the Spring of 2015. I was standing in warrior 2 pose, dripping sweat onto the floor of the hot yoga studio I attended every weekday morning. Staring into my own eyes in the front mirror, feeling my arms shake, a simple thread of clarity came to my mind “you are a warrior, just keep battling and keep breathing.”

A year later I had the word “warrior” tattooed on my right forearm, so I would constantly be reminded of that moment. This mental clarity, this physical and emotional strength is available to everyone. Commit to finding your own. Become a warrior with me.