Day #38, #ME2017

Happy New Year light seekers and friends! We have arrived at the end of our journey, but it's just the beginning really. We've been Mindfully Ending 2016 in an effort to define ME2017. See what I did there? You have all the tools to begin the year with enthusiasm and authenticity. So today, don't start [...]

Day #34, Strength Lost

Yesterday we explored the areas in life that grew stronger this year, but realistically we probably lost strength in other parts of our worlds, too. I did. My yoga practice, while always evolving, has not been as regular the second half of the year. My arms shake under my own weight, and my abs...well they're [...]

Day #21, Seasonal Balance

Happy Day 21, Light Seekers! It's our final day focusing on Balance. Tomorrow we'll move deeper into our journey, but before we do I want to recap some of the lessons we learned about Balance. I consider my life fairly balanced, which has certainly not always been the case. Logistically, our families are extremely spread [...]

Day #20, Vacation Time

Our jobs, our routines, our schedules are what keep us moving most of the year, but at Christmas-time we usually get a bit of reprieve from our rigorous schedules. This year I have a true winter recess, now that I work at a university, but Aaron has to work Christmas Eve. To balance it, we've [...]

Meet Emily

My beautiful friend, Beth, has started a great project showcasing the real-life stories of women. I’m so honored that she chose me to be one of the first pieces.

Bourbon Lemonade

The story of me starts on the campus of Virginia Seminary in Alexandria. I was just 3 when my father enrolled and my family moved. My first memories are on that sprawling, green campus, at the Starbucks downtown, and in the little child-care center called The Butterfly House. Every other day was a daycare day, the odds were spent with Daddy. My two older sisters loved me hard, and my mom worked to support all of our needs. Life was simple, happy and wholesome.

I’ve moved a couple of times in my life, here’s a little diagram for you…

NH–>VA–>NH–>ME–>NC–>Dublin Ireland–>NC–>WA–>NC–>GA–>PA

By the time I graduated from high school, the last in my family to ship out, my parent’s had split, my sister had married, and I was ready for my own life and my own adventures. I moved to North Carolina, and spent 4 years trying to find myself…

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