April Journal Prompts

Each month I like to provide my readers a list of inspiration for writing. This isn't meant to be a checklist, or even a daily challenge. Take from these what you will. If you want to write every day, there's a small thought for each one in the month. If you'd rather pick and choose, [...]

Write It Out Challenge, Day #5

Prompt: I Forgive You Letter, Let's release the energy drain and write a letter of forgiveness to that person. Explain the situation, why you were hurt, and then forgive them. Physically write the words, "I Forgive You." Maybe give this to them if it feels like they'll receive it well, or just keep it for yourself.  [...]

Write It Out Challenge Day #4

Prompt: If I were practicing deep self love, I would start....and I would stop.... I want to start by saying, I truly believe self-love is the beginning of all happiness. Why we don't teach our children this in elementary school, is beyond me. I'm not perfect, but I have a lot of self-care already build [...]