Turning Twenty-Seven

I was born at 3:05 AM on August 8th, 1992, 27 years ago to the moment that this post was published.

As a child, I remember my parents (my dad was the ringleader on this) coming into my bedroom just after 3:00 AM every year, and waking me up to have our own mini-celebration at exactly the right moment. As if a Leo ever needed encouragement to love their birthday. My mom was a good sport, but she was never thrilled by this, because when your 5,6,7,8-year old child is awake in the early hours of the morning and requesting cake…you are unlikely to go back to sleep. 

On August 8, 2000 I turned 8 years old. The millennium had lots of hype around it anyways, and it was the year I first flew on an airplane – which felt substantial at the time! But mostly, I loved being 8, on 8/8 – my golden birthday. I even remember thinking, too bad I wasn’t born at 3:08 AM. 

Earlier this year, my middle sister, Margaret, turned 30. As the day approached, our oldest sister, Liz, who is 10 years my senior, commented that when she turned 30 she finally felt like she was the age she had always been. I chimed in, saying perhaps when I turn 65 I will feel like my soul age and my human age will have finally aligned.

Some people begin to dread their birthdays as the years tick by, but my old-soul has always savored the change. I’ve seen far too many people who didn’t get to grow old, whose lives were taken too soon, and it has instilled in me the honor of growing old. It’s a privilege we are not all afforded. If you’re dreading turning one year older, maybe you aren’t making the most of your time! The point isn’t to survive, it’s to thrive.

So, to honor this year in all of it’s difficulty and glory, here are 27 things I feel abundantly grateful for as I turn 27 and head into my 28th trip around the sun!

  1. The love and happiness I have found for and within myself
  2. My husband, Aaron, because he really does accept me for all the crazy that I am
  3. Our sweet little split-level home
  4. and the two great pups we share it with
  5. The seemingly endless love and support we receive from both of our families
  6. Nearly 27 years of love and light from my grandmother, Honey
  7. Written words, which keep me sane in trying moments
  8. Good music, which heals my soul regardless of the mood I am in
  9. Coffee, because coffee
  10. My yoga practice
  11. and the friends and community that practice has brought me here in Pittsburgh
  12. Holly, in New Hampshire, who gets married next month!
  13. Sami, in California, who never feels out of reach
  14. Cameron, in Georgia, who is about to be a dentist AND a wife!
  15. Rachel, in Florida, who is family by chance, and friend by choice!
  16. FaceTime, for keeping me connected to all of ‘my people’ 
  17. and the ‘Do Not Disturb’ setting, for protecting the quiet in meditative moments
  18. La Croix, for keeping me hydrated even though I don’t love drinking water…
  19. My nephews and niece, for reminding me the joys of growing up, and of being small
  20. Homemade nachos, because dinner can be easy and delicious
  21. Trevor Noah, for making political news digestible enough to help me pay attention
  22. Flowers, particularly white roses
  23. Polka Dot things, particularly those by Kate Spade
  24. Photographs and picture frames
  25. Ice cream cake, because you’re never too old for that crap!
  26. The ocean, for reminding me of home and of how small we are in the scope of this world
  27. Red wine, because life is full of challenges and sometimes there’s not much to do but sit back and have a glass with the people you love

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