Warrior Wednesday: The Desire Map

I want to empower you with tools for your own journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and love. I’m going to call these sections “Warrior Wednesdays,” because being a Warrior is all about knowing, trusting, and accepting yourself in every way. By knowing yourself, you can live authentically even when the world pushes you in unexpected ways.

We are here to be WARRIORS, not WORRIERS..

Desipre Map_Book_2016.08.17Today’s addition to your toolkit is part book and part practice. Danielle LaPorte is an author, mother, woman, and light to our world in many other ways, too. Her book, The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul, takes a new approach to goal setting and life planning that focuses on how you want to feel instead of who you think you want to be or what job you want to have. Through a series of writing exercises, she empowers you to define your “Core Desired Feelings.” Before you begin to set the measurable, tangible goals you’re thinking about, you define how you want to feel in your life overall. Then, from there, you build upon those feelings by creating goals that align and will hopefully help you feel the way you’re truly desiring to feel.

The first time I did desire mapping was almost three years ago. One of my “Core Desired Feelings” was BALANCE. I wanted to feel balanced in my life, my relationships, my work. So instead of setting a goal for myself that was perhaps unrealistic or misdirected, my goal was directly connected to how I could create more balance in my daily life.

I felt unbalanced because I was rushing in the morning and feeling frazzled before I even got to my desk.

Before The Desire Map process, I would have laid out a goal like: I’m going to wake up at 6:00 every morning and be at work before 8:30.

Desire Map_2016_2My Desire Map goal looked more like this: I’m going to make my coffee at home before I leave for work, instead of stopping for Starbucks. This will allow me a few more minutes in my house, save some money overall, and some mornings I will get to share that coffee with my husband before I leave.

Can you feel that difference?

I can’t recommend desire mapping enough. I still walk myself through the exercises once a year, usually right before/after the new year, to see where I’m at and where I can make small shifts for major change.

You’ll hear more about Danielle LaPorte from me, of that you can be sure. I’m starting with The Desire Map because goal-setting is often a daunting and unwelcome task, but not the way she does it. You’ll feel instantly more connected with yourself.

Oh, and Danielle is offering an incredible deal right now. If you buy one of her 2019 planners (which are beautiful) you can get all of the Desire Mapping materials too! Check it out here if you’re interested. And no, this is not an ad, I just love her and hope you do too!

Peace, Emily

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