Something I know to be true.

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When it comes to faith, there are far more uncertainties than strongholds, but there is something I know to be true.

Do you remember the first coincidence in your life that you couldn’t shake? I don’t mean some weird, dramatic tale you’ve carried with you for the last decade. Stop. Think. When was the first time, or maybe just the last time something happened that blew your mind. It was too much of a coincidence.

The strongest one in my life came when Pittsburgh called. I applied for several jobs in November 2015, in Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Denver, and LA. This was the beginning of our #adventureawaits attitude in life! What was next! At the end of January 2016, we were preparing for a trip to Pittsburgh. We lost Aaron’s grandfather suddenly, and the funeral arrangements had been made, in the city where they called home. Most of his family had already arrived, but we had the first flight out in the morning from Atlanta. My phone rang, but I ignored it. Someone in Pittsburgh left a voicemail, and I assumed it was the family. When the voice on the other end of the line was following up on my interest in the fundraising position, I was thrown. That was Thursday, the funeral was over the weekend. I had my first interview at Pitt on Monday. Before that weekend, I had been to Pittsburgh only one other time. Timing is everything.

Moments like that, the big ones, are why I know what I know. There are perfect patterns and cycles all around us, in the stars, the earth, the very nature of humanity…everything is cyclical. Dust-to-dust. The only certainty we have is an ending. The comedy, humanity and insanity of it all tells me what I know to be true about the world, what gives me faith.

When it comes to my #faith I know this to be true… Someone or something is watching over us, and they have a beautiful and perfect plan.

*This post was inspired by a beautiful Journal Deck prompt. When it comes to my faith, I know this to be true…

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