March, setting goals

March 1 Writing Prompt: List three goals for March:

  1. Plug back in:
    Since the start of the year, I’ve disengaged from my routine, from my local people, and from my passions. I have’t been writing as much, or reading. I haven’t spent more than 20 minutes on my mat since our honeymoon, and my body is screaming at me. This goal could be to do more yoga, or do yoga every day, or write every day….etc. But it’s not. My goal is an overall commitment to plugging back in to these practices and routines that make me, me.
  2. Love more: 
    I’m a pretty loving human, at least I think of myself that way. Still, with all the hate and violence in the news from school shootings to sexual misconduct and political turmoil, I need more love. For me, this means giving more love and filling my space with intention and grace. I will diffuse more oils at work and at home. I will keep our bed made and cozy for every night of loving rest. I will smile more, and hug my loved ones closer, and hopefully inspire others to spread love, too.
  3. Stay Organized:
    My house is tidy, and getting better every day, but there’s always more to do. This is a bit of routine, and a bit of self-love, but I need to see things through in order to stay organizes. That means some patience so that when the laundry gets folded, it gets put away. When the dishwasher is done running, it gets emptied.

Harmony + Balance + Follow-through = Ease.

Feel free to share your goals for the month in the comments below ❤

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