Write It Out Challenge, Day #5

Prompt: I Forgive You Letter, Let’s release the energy drain and write a letter of forgiveness to that person. Explain the situation, why you were hurt, and then forgive them. Physically write the words, “I Forgive You.” Maybe give this to them if it feels like they’ll receive it well, or just keep it for yourself. 

strength_day-32Today, I used this prompt to express some feelings very deep and near to my heart. While I usually share everything I write, not afraid to be exposed or seen, this letter is going to stay private. Just for me. The person I wrote to hurt me beyond healing, beyond belief.

The letter I wrote is not one I ever anticipated writing. It’s also one I could keep adding to and adding to and drilling into the ground. I tried to keep it simple, but writing it out showed me how much pain and unresolved hate there still is for me.

I encourage you to take this one on, too. Think of the person you hold the most distaste and resentment for, and write them a letter. Mine will never get sent, it will stay private forever, but the weight that has now lifted from me is incredible. These feelings, all of these words, were waiting inside of me and now they are free. Release.

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