Write It Out Challenge Day #4

Prompt: If I were practicing deep self love, I would start….and I would stop….

I want to start by saying, I truly believe self-love is the beginning of all happiness. Why we don’t teach our children this in elementary school, is beyond me. I’m not perfect, but I have a lot of self-care already build into my life. I made room in my budget to keep myself on daily fruit and vegetable supplements by Juice+, I drink protein shakes for breakfast and lunch several times a week, which help my feel strong and well-prepared for the day ahead. It also saves time and money on my lunch breaks, so I can sit at my desk, drink my lunch and read my book! I practice yoga almost everyday, but I know I could be better. I signed up for a meal delivery service so I could enjoy cooking and get better at it without feeling the pressure and stress of meal planning and grocery shopping. I go to bed earlier than I used to, and treat myself to an essential oil beauty regiment almost nightly. I know there are ways I can keep improving so here it goes…

Yoga_Elephant_2016.07.19I would start getting on my mat first thing in the morning, starting my day earlier to accommodate it. I would start making my bed before work, and writing before bed to drain the busy thoughts of the day onto paper, keeping them out of my dreams. I would spritz my bed sheets with lavender every night to ensure peaceful and cozy rest. I would start pulling out my outfit for work the night before so getting ready isn’t such a whirlwind. I would practice speaking with more compassion and empathy. I would bring baked goods into the office for my coworkers and I, like I used to!

I would stop avoiding registering my car, which simply causes me unnecessary stress. I would stop expecting my home to be clean all the time and letting the little messes stress me out. I would stop watching so much TV, and make time for more reading. I would stop myself from negative attitudes, and avoid the needless bickering that sometimes takes place because of it.

I would, and I will. Self-care is the beginning of all kinds of wonderful journeys in life. From finding love to giving love, it all starts from within!

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