Day #36, And Now We Love.

For 35 days, we’ve done this work. You have searched inside yourselves to look at holidays of the past, the light you share and the light your keep to yourself. You have pulled out your strengths from 2016 and, hopefully, your intentions for the new year. Now, we love.

The next three days will be all about love. It’s our final focus, and in my opinion the only one that really matters for much. Love, is where we all come together. Love is where the concepts of who you are become the reality of who you will be. 
2016 was heavily focused on my self-love habits. This new year I’m going to turn outwards and be the most authentically kind and loving friend towards my tribe. They’re beautiful humans who deserve he focused and unconditional kind of love. They’ve all been so supportive as I’ve worked on myself, I can’t wait to see how I can love them harder than ever! 

Prompt: How will you bring an emphasis of love into 2017? Is it self-love, or selfless? 

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