Day #35, Intentions Make Us Strong

Good morning beautiful people! It’s just before midnight as I draft this post to you from bed. In order to be authentically on this journey with you, I’ve been scheduling posts only a few days at a time. Now we’re live, and I’m going to be posting the last 4 days from the road. Aaron and I are headed to New York City for New Year’s Eve! 

But back to our journey, right here. 

Yesterday we looked at our loses of the year, and we’ve already gone over our gains. How do we decide which outweighs the other, though? Why is it ok that I got out of my yoga practice a little in order to dive deeper into my writing and my family? I’ll tell you why. Intention. I intended for this year to be about love and really creating and defining my writing voice. 

2016 turned out to be a crazy year, and going into it I had no “resolutions.” I wasn’t sure what was next, if we’d stay in Atlanta or if I would find a new job. Aaron was in between things at work too, having just wrapped up a contract with Dell. We were away for the holidays, and then again right after the New Year for a wedding. We were so busy having fun, 2016 just happened. By the time i realized I never set resolutions, it was well into March, and we were making decisions about moving to Pittsburgh. So instead, I set some intentions to hold me over. 

Love. Always, always, love.

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Write. Everyday day, all the time. 
Prompt: brainstorm your 2017 intentions. These aren’t silly promises like losing weight or eating right. This is saying, I intend to live a healthier life. Just braindump, and keep that authentic goddess in mind as you do. Go back through your journals if you have them, and look for repetitive words!