Day #33, Strength Gained

strength_day33This time last year I could never have imagined the transformation we were in for. A trip around the Sun later, and we have a new city, solid foundation and a settled home. 

This year I gained the gift of patience and grace, and felt the joy of slowing down. I have found strength in stillness this year. Our house has become our home, and the pace of our lives has become almost rhythmic. Peace.  I’ve maintained incredible friendships and leaned on my tribe when I could. I’ve been able to support them in new ways, ways I could before because my own life was so chaotic. Now, we have breathing room. 

Prompt: These last few prompts may have seemed scattered, but there was some structure behind the chaos. I wanted you to scrutinize, and examine yourself so  you would be prepared to go one step deeper.

How have you grown this year?

How have you gotten stronger?

Have you gained members in your tribe, or redefined the way you see yourself?

It may be small.