Day #32, It’s Not a Let Down

strength_day-32The day after Christmas has always been one of two things in my life. Either it’s a day in the car heading back home from my grandparent’s house, or it’s a quiet, cozy day at home. Some of my friends (those beautiful tribe members I reflected on yesterday) have told me the day after the holiday can feel like a major let-down. I get it, of course.

We wait and prepare and build our anticipation, and then just like that the day has come and gone. But what about the lingering joy? Am I the only one who turned on the Christmas tree this morning and drank my coffee in sweet bliss? There are no more presents to open, but we’re still here and life is still sweet.

Prompt: Be your own devil’s advocate today. Complain, write it down, say it out loud. What gift didn’t you get? What didn’t happen? Now what? So what? How can you move forward and carry that joy into today? Inner-Strength is about being the light for yourself. Shine.