Day #31, Who is Your Tribe?

strength_day-31Merry Christmas readers & light seekers. It’s a joyous Christmas day, and I hope it’s full of blessings and sweet moments for each of you. We all have plans today, I know. You may be reading this in front of your Christmas tree as the kids rip open packages, or perhaps you’re savoring your last few minutes of quiet in bed.

Today, in light of the love we share with the holiday, I want you to reflect on the people you keep closest in your life. The people you truly strengthen your life.

Who have you already seen? Who have you already spoken to? Who will you see today, and who will  you miss? These are most likely the people who make up your tribe. Humans used to be far more tribal than we are now. Society has shaped us to live independently, to survive on our own. In reality, we have still held onto one true tribe mentality, friendship.

Prompt: Who is your tribe? What do they add to your life and how do you serve them? How do they strengthen your life?