Day #27, Weed Out the Inauthentic

authenticity_day27I used to tell people I was a writer. In fact, I feel like I told a lot of people a lot of times, and yet I wasn’t. I wrote sometimes, mostly alone in my journal in bed, but certainly I was not A WRITER. For the last year I’ve been blogging, sharing, talking, cultivating an audience and becoming a writer. What I found was not that my words were inauthentic, but that I was not living into my most authentic self.

Prompt: Write 5 sentences about who you are, how you believe you are seen by others. Step away, and then read it back to yourself. Do you live in a way that makes this true, or is this a vision of how you COULD be, perhaps even how you WANT to be? Evaluate your own authenticity, and then rewrite the 5 sentences to match who you truly are, bruises and bumps included.