Day #25, Never Too Late to Say Thank You

authenticity_day25They say hindsight is 20:20. Looking back on Christmases past, I can pick out just a few presents that still come to mind. The ones that come to mind surprised even me, and certainly weren’t the ones that cost the most.

I vividly remember a year where huge fancy sleds were lined up against one wall of the living room, 4 of them. One for each girl, and an extra for my future brother-in-law, Nic. I remember another year, when I was much younger, opening a pack of cotton training bras and exclaiming that Mrs. Claus had paid attention to my list. Perhaps I owe my mother a thank-you for those, now. I think back to just the last few years, and I try to count the number of household goods my mom and Aaron’s mom have wrapped up for me, filling our home with the necessities far faster than we could have on our own.

Prompt: What’s the most memorable Christmas gift you ever received? Who was it from and have you thanked them for it appropriately?