Day #24, The Christ in Christmas

authenticity_day24Sunday, another day of rest and certainly an appropriate day to talk about religion. Most of you know that my dad is an Episcopal priest. He’s great, and I loved growing up in his church. I still love visiting him in Raleigh and listening to him preach. Week to week, though, I don’t go to church here in Pittsburgh. I haven’t decided if I want to go to church Christmas Eve this year, even. It would probably be the first Christmas of my life that I didn’t go to some kind of Christmas service, and that would feel weird.

I consider myself an extremely spiritual person, and my connection to the divine power of the universe is strong, but organized religion has never felt as authentic to me without my father. I’m not sure that makes sense to others, but it’s the best explanation I’ve got. It leaves me wondering how others have adapted religious traditions for themselves.

Prompt: Do you go to church at Christmas? Do you go all year round as well? Did you do this as a kid? How has the way you were raised around Christmas impacted the way you celebrate now?