Day #23, For That Special Someone


Gift giving can make us go a little crazy. Admit it, there’s at least one gift you scraped together (or are about to scrape together) last minute. You might not feel that great about it, but it happens. What about the other end of the spectrum? You probably have at least one gift you are dying to give. I do! One I can’t say, because the recipient will likely read this, but the other is for my nephew. He’s about to turn 8, and I’ve ordered him the first book in the Harry Potter series. Those books taught me to love to read, and entertained me for hours in childhood. I can hardly wait for him to begin that adventure, and I’m so excited to be the one giving it to him!

Prompt: What gift are you looking forward to giving the most? Is it the gift itself that makes it special, or the person you’re giving it to?