Day #21, Seasonal Balance

balance_day21Happy Day 21, Light Seekers! It’s our final day focusing on Balance. Tomorrow we’ll move deeper into our journey, but before we do I want to recap some of the lessons we learned about Balance.

I consider my life fairly balanced, which has certainly not always been the case. Logistically, our families are extremely spread out, and feeling centered and present in my day-to-day can be hard. Spiritually, I was lost for a long time, unsure what I believed or what the greater purpose of my life was. After the last few years, though, I’ve found this clarity and balance through my writing and a daily yoga practice. Balance became one of my Core Desired Feelings this year, and since then I have felt truly intact.

Now that the pace of the holidays has picked up there are presents to be wrapped and shipped, friends coming into town to visit, work responsibilities that need to be finished before the end of the year and my balance is wavering. I haven’t lost it, not quite yet, and I won’t if I can bring just a bit of intention.

Prompt: Mental clarity and emotional wellness are always important, and now is no exception. How do you normally keep your balance? Is it through your routine or your adventures? Is it by staying in touch with your loved ones, or keeping your distance? How will you keep your balance as the festivities and chaos continue? How can you help others to find that balance as well?