Day #20, Vacation Time

balance_day20Our jobs, our routines, our schedules are what keep us moving most of the year, but at Christmas-time we usually get a bit of reprieve from our rigorous schedules. This year I have a true winter recess, now that I work at a university, but Aaron has to work Christmas Eve. To balance it, we’ve put together some fun activities on our common days off. We’ll do wrapping together one day, and go on a little hot chocolate date another. After the holiday, we’re heading to New York City to celebrate the New Year!

Prompt: Whether it’s your time off or your family’s, the holiday vacation is limited. How can you make the time off feel more meaningful and restorative for you and your family? Maybe there are activities you can give up, to make the holiday feel more relaxing. Be creative.

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  1. My goal this year is to really make our time together during the holidays more memorable. We have our traditions like Christmas Eve services at church, a family movie outing, and mealtime favorites. The rest of the time is usually spent being lazy.

    Technology places a phone in every hand and the TV is almost always on in the background. I find that these distractions prevent interaction. So, I have some fun activities outside the home planned to encourage us to engage more with one another.

    Family is arriving in stages this year. My oldest daughter gets in first. I have some alone time planned with her before everyone else arrives. We will shop, eat out and enjoy some long overdue bonding.

    Ron’s mom gets in a few days later. Thanks to Toyota’s relocation of their headquarters, mom’s brother and his family now live a few minutes away from us. I plan to have Uncle Bert and Aunt Ruth join us on a trip to the Dallas Arboretum to view their Christmas decorations and exhibits. We will go out to dinner afterwards so that everyone can catch up.

    My husband, middle daughter and her fiancé arrive back from a mission trip to Guatemala on Christmas Eve. We are so excited to attend our first Christmas Eve service at our new church.
    In keeping with tradition, the girls and I will sit by one another and harmonize with the carols we sing during the service. Then, it’s home for a yummy Italian dinner.

    The day after Christmas, I have a new experience planned. We will attend an ice sculpture experience at the Texas Gaylord Resort. It is called, “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town.” The attraction is kept at a chilly 9* with two million pounds of ice sculptures telling this classic story. The conclusion is a majestic sculpture of the nativity. I am hoping to bring back a little bit of the childlike wonder of the season. It promises to be great family fun. I can’t wait!

    While we enjoy the escape from the day to day routine, I want to break the cycle of laziness by introducing some new adventures. The plan is not to overwhelm, but to spend time with one another. Hopefully, the new memories created will make it a December to remember!


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