Day # 19, Happy List

balance_day19Yesterday, I made 5 lists before noon. One was a typical Monday morning to-do list, two were shopping lists, one was a list of humans I want to connect with before our holiday recess, and the last was a “before the end of the year” list. I was exhausted just looking at them, and I hadn’t even accomplished anything yet. I then tried to move onto productive work, and felt stifled. I paused, and made just one more list.

Prompt: This season can be a season of lists. Instead of making another to-do, wish or grocery list, how about just writing a list of things you like about today.

Right now, at least 20, go!

One thought on “Day # 19, Happy List

  1. Brainstorming a happy list:
    Sunshine, warmth, visiting neighbors, doing favors, sharing, storytelling, singing, excitement, laughter, smiles, children, candy canes, gift giving, generous tipping, shopping, Christmas cards are in the mail, clean house, holiday music, wrapping gifts, reading magazines, new recipes, chocolate treats.


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