Day #16, Say It Aloud

balance_day16The practice of using mantras came to me when I got back into yoga after college. Almost two years ago, a yoga instructor in Atlanta told our class, “It’s OK to sway in tree pose, branches sway in the wind too. Just don’t believe that swaying means you will fall.

Don’t believe that swaying will make you fall.

That was my first mantra. Since then, I’ve been exposed to so many more ways of reassuring and securing myself through the power of spoken word. Today, I want to challenge each of you to find a mantra that will carry you through the month with the holiday spirit. Before deciding what it will be, think about how you want this holiday season to feel. Make your mantra a reflection of that feeling,. For instance, if you want to feel warm and cozy, use words like “home, nurture, love, spirit.” If you want to feel motivated and inspired, use words like “productive, meaningful, enlightened.”

Prompt: Create your own seasonal mantra, or use this one to end journal entries, meditations or simply to bring your focus back to center: This holiday season is so precious, peaceful and blessed. Share the mantra you came up with and how you’re going to use it.

Not sure what you want your mantra to be? Reach out, I can help!

One Reply to “Day #16, Say It Aloud”

  1. As a young mother, I often sought the advice and support of my mother. One of her favorite mantras was, “Dig Deep Kim.” She was always encouraging me to dig deep inside myself and face life’s challenges head on. I actually find myself channeling my mom and telling my children the same thing. Dig deep, find your strength and believe in yourself!

    In the spirit of the holidays, I am digging deep in a different way. I am searching for ways to inspire others by shining my light. My gifts are not tangible. They don’t cost anything. They come from the heart. I want everyone to see my light and feel compassion, generosity, kindness and love.

    After some thought, I think I have come up with a mantra that reminds me daily to shine my light as brilliantly as possible. So, as I head out each day, I will say to myself…”Put on your sunglasses folks because I’m shining my light today!”


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