Day #15, Holiday Chaos

balance_day15Good morning light seekers!

This year, we’re doing the holidays differently at my house. Instead of travelling and pushing ourselves to see everyone on the holiday, we are staying home. This is mostly because we have had a busy year, and want to dwell in the stillness and familiarity of our lives for the holiday season. Let’s be clear, we still wanted to see our families. I made a point of visiting my mom and my sister’s family in Maine in early November, and I’m seeing my dad in North Carolina this weekend. Aaron’s dad came up last weekend, too.

In years past, we’ve traveled to be with family for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, etc. with various results. One year, Thanksgiving in Maine turned into a family feud and suddenly a week of vacation time felt wasted. We’ve also had really good visits, don’t get me wrong. That kind of trip can be a lot of pressure, and a lot of chaos, though. I’m sure in years to come, we’ll go back to our holiday travel routine, but this year we just wanted to slow down a little and give ourselves a break from holiday stress. This year, it’s all about ease, relaxation, and balance.

That’s our new focus for this week, by the way, Balance.

Prompt: Do you ever feel lost in the chaos or stress of the holidays? Who or what makes you feel this way? Are you creating this anxiety for yourself, or is it coming from external sources?

One Reply to “Day #15, Holiday Chaos”

  1. I got behind, so tonight is the night to catch up. I have been reading and reflecting each morning, but not sharing my comments. These prompts sure have me putting on my thinking cap every single day.

    I do feel stressed out during the holidays. I must admit that it is all self induced. I have this image in my head each year about how the holidays should look. Not just literally, but figuratively. My OCD makes it near impossible to meet those expectations. However, this never stops me from trying.

    These writing prompts have allowed me to take a step back and be more thoughtful about my choices. I am not AS stressed. Mostly because I haven’t completely given up on the “perfect” Christmas.


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