Day #13, What is Your Light?

light_day13This summer I spent 3 nights in the woods of Pennsylvania on a yoga retreat with a unique and intimate group of women. We went through the Desire Map process together, and defined our Core Desired Feelings. One that I hadn’t anticipated, was to feel “Like A Loving Spirit.” What followed that experience surprised me.

It turns out, many of “my people” already see me that way, and by defining that feeling in writing, I was really just helping myself be more intentional. I now understand that my loving spirit is the light I bring into relationships and situations.

Prompt: Others experience us in various ways. What aspect of your personality is your light? Ask your friends, reflect internally, and then write about what they told you vs. what you may have thought. Do you see yourself the same way they do?

2 Replies to “Day #13, What is Your Light?”

  1. I don’t often receive feedback about aspects of my personality. I believe this comes from a societal norm that if we speak positively about ourselves, our true selves, that we are cocky or full of ourselves. Humility is overvalued, and not enough time is spent enjoying the light in ourselves!

    Over the past few years, I have grown more confident in my ability to feel joy regardless of how others may perceive me. I skip when I’m happy, I spread my arms like a plane when I’m running down a hill, and I sing at the top of my lungs. I smile when I am pleased, and I make a point to tell others when they have brought me joy. It doesn’t matter anymore if I look a little odd. I’ve placed joy above the judgement of others, and that has brought an intense amount of light to my life. Letting myself experience joy whenever it strikes me has reconnected me with the part of myself that I thought I lost when I left childhood behind and became a dreaded adolescent.

    Don’t misunderstand me when I say that the judgement of others no longer takes a priority in my life. It’s still there, trying to wedge its way in. I simply don’t let it rule my life anymore. I let joy in. Where there is joy there is no room for judgment or worry.

    I think this is what others might notice about me as we become friends. They point it out as it emerges. They identify it as, “I love how you cheer at sports games even when you aren’t sure what just happened” or “I just don’t understand how much you like running. Why?” Because it brings me happiness, and when I’m happy, I welcome that joy in and experience it with my whole heart.


    1. I love you, Holly. And you have hit your light on its head! Your endless joy is contagious and it’s one of the reasons I was first drawn to you! Thanks for sharing, your writing, and your light!


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