Day #12, Create New Traditions

light_day-12When our holidays change, which they naturally do over time, there can be a sense of loss involved. This year will be the first time Aaron and I haven’t been with either of our families for the holiday, and instead of dwelling on what we’re going to miss out on, we’re trying to create new memories that will be all our own. Christmas Eve, we’ve contrived a game to fill our stockings, a sort of flash-shopping trip! Christmas Day we’ll have a quiet morning and then head downtown for the Steelers game!

Prompt: Make a new tradition. As we grow up, we hold on to the traditions of our childhood, but at some point those may begin to slip away. Instead of feeling sad for the change, use the space to start a new tradition! Talk to friends and coworkers for ideas. It’s a great way to stir up conversations about how others celebrate, too. 

One Reply to “Day #12, Create New Traditions”

  1. This prompt couldn’t be more spot on for me. I am in the season of life where my children are all grown and living their lives away from “home.” While sad that they are not nearby, I am so proud of the lives they lead. That said, it has meant a change in some of the traditions we shared when everyone was under one roof.

    This is only our second Christmas in Dallas. I have already been looking for new things to do in the newspaper, local magazines, online and at church. I have already found one activity that sounds promising. The Gaylord Texan Resort celebrates the season with The Lone Star Christmas. The entire exhibit is done in ice sculptures kept at a chilly 9*. They provide hooded coats to keep you warm so you can enjoy the experience. This year, the indoor winter wonderland will be based on the holiday classic, ” Santa Claus is Coming To Town!” We are planning to go on the 26th. Since the theme changes every year, this may turn out to be a new tradition at least while we live in Texas.

    So, I accept the challenge to start new traditions. I think it will be fun to discover what else Dallas offers and come up with new ways to celebrate the season.


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