Day #11, Give Back

light_day-11Happy Day 11, readers. I know Monday mornings, even this time of year, are tough to look forward to, but today we’re going to set our focus beyond ourselves.

This morning, I’m probably spending a few extra minutes in bed before I head out into my day. To pull me out of that fog, I’m going to put some intention into making it a better day for other people. I’m not sure how I’ll do it yet, or who I’ll cast my light on, but I promise I will update you all!

Prompt: Give back today. Can you take an angel from the present tree and buy a child all of their gifts this year? Or maybe donate $20 to your favorite philanthropy. If you have someone on your list that has it all, and is hard to shop for, consider giving a donation in their honor.

2 Replies to “Day #11, Give Back”

  1. Giving back is something I am passionate about. It is a choice I make almost daily. My family has been richly blessed in so many ways over the years. I feel strongly about sharing those blessings with others.

    Sometimes we get caught up in the chaos as life blows by us. It is very easy to forget to share our time, talents or resources with those less fortunate. We forget what taking time out for others could mean to them.

    Today, I will shop for the children in the kindergarten class where I volunteer weekly. Our hands are tied with regard to treats and such. So I try to focus on the little things that are depleted by this time in the school year. Pencils, erasers, crayons and glue sticks. Then, I supplement with fun stickers, flash cards, books, puzzles, fluorescent glowing necklaces and bracelets and a “SLINKY.”

    Each child gets their own gift bag filled with the little things. I can tell you from years past that the smiles and simple joy of getting a gift excite these children beyond words. The squeezes and hugs I get are all the thanks I need.

    I find that when I shine my light on those sweet little ones, it comes back to me ten fold in other ways. So shine your light and see how you are blessed in return!


  2. Snow, snow, glorious snow. It snowed today, and that was magical in and of itself. But as I went through my day, it just felt like a special day made just for me. I opened my front door to discover a perfect tree, all trimmed and waiting to shine in my window. Ten minutes later, I walked out my back door to discover my car had been brushed clean of snow. It felt as thought I was being given an extra dose of kindness, and I went through the rest of my day just bubbling with happiness.

    So after a quick run through the snow this evening, I thought I might give back some of the kindness I had received today to my neighbors by shoveling their sidewalks. I know, I know, it sounds like a bit of a cop-out. I felt happy doing it, and I hope that it passed along even an ounce of the kindness I have received today. Tomorrow I hope to give back in other ways. Just knowing how good it felt to be on the receiving end of a thoughtful act inspires me to pass it along to others.


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