Day #10, Trimmings

light_day-10Sunday, another well-deserved day of rest. How will you spend it?

I always start decorating early, too early some might say. Aaron and I play push and pull about when to get the tree each year. He thinks if we get it too early, it will die. I think if we get it too late, we won’t be able to enjoy it. I’ve done my mantels, put up my Christmas village, hung lit stars in the front window. I even put a wreath on the front door already, but no tree yet.

Prompt: Have you started decorating your home for the holidays? If you have, write about your favorite part of your decorations, or your favorite part of the decorating process. If you haven’t, will you? Write about why you haven’t decorated or why you won’t be decorating this year.

3 Replies to “Day #10, Trimmings”

  1. I love decorating. In fact, that is what I meant to write about for yesterday’s post on traditions! I also fall prey to wanting to decorate the second the clock turns to midnight after Thanksgiving day. I’ve decorated my tiny apartment to the best of my abilities, putting up Christmas lights outdoors and decorating my potted tree. I’ve lamented the lack of space that my apartment has for a Christmas tree, but look forward to the day when I will have enough space. Until then, my collection of ornaments for my someday tree continues to grow every year, as my mother picks out a new ornament for my sister and me every year.

    That being said, the act of decorating outside has my heart. My family and I have a running joke of “It’s not Christmas until Daddy makes Holly cry putting up the Christmas lights.” I have to say, some years more than others, this has been true. I want the outdoor lights to look so magical and festive that I inevitably end up frustrated about some trivial thing, although it has been many years since I have cried! Usually, it’s the singular broken bulb on an otherwise perfect strand of lights. The frozen fingers and prickly branches don’t tend to add to the mood. While this may sound like a miserable experience to some, I love it. The tradition of stringing up lights along fences and tree limbs is one that I love to share with my dad. Adding excessive lights and decorations when he isn’t looking is a tradition that I share with my mom.

    It fills me with Christmas spirit to drive past my own, and other’s, houses sparkling with white and colored lights. I like to believe that every house with lights outside has a family inside that enjoys putting decorations up as much as I do. After all, the holidays may mean presents and yummy food, but is Christmas without traditions shared with one’s family?


  2. Who doesn’t love Christmas with all the trimmings! I have to say that decorating for Christmas is probably another one of my favorite traditions. I never rush the holiday though. The very first Saturday of December is my day to deck the outside in lights and wreaths dressed with red bows. The rest of that following week, I work on the inside trimmings. My kids always say, “Mommmm, it looks like Christmas threw up in here!” That’s when I know I’m finished, lol.  I haven’t started to decorate inside yet this year because my “muscle man” is in Pittsburgh helping someone else with their winter and holiday preparations. Could that possibly be Aaron and Emily?!? No worries, we will get to ours this week. Ron will haul out all of the green Rubbermaid bins containing our inside decorations and tree trimmings and stack them in the family room. I will stage the house slowly and surely while singing Christmas carols. Ron will remove the empty containers to the garage when I’m done. I usually put out all the holiday tchotchkes first. This takes a whole day because it involves removing and packing up the items that take up that space the remainder of the year. The last task is to shop for a tree and get it lit and decorated. This usually gets done the second weekend of December as it again requires the assistance of my husband. There are two traditions related to holiday trimmings that make me smile every year. The first is my nutcracker collection. I have one 3′ tall traditional nutcracker that is showcased somewhere special in each home we have lived in over the years. Additionally, I have about two dozen collectible nutcrackers that remind me of a place we lived or characterize a hobby or interest we enjoy.  The second and probably my most favorite are the ornaments that go on our tree. Oh sure, I have some boxed commercial type ornaments, but the bulk of my tree is done in one of a kind treasures. There are ornaments from Ron’s mom that remind him of his childhood and some she made for our children. There are crafts the kids made when they were little.  There are ornaments that remind us of milestones in our life. There are special ornaments from places we have visited over the years.  And oh yeah…what would your tree be without your favorite sports ornaments…GO STEELERS! While our tree won’t make the pages of Southern Living, it is always special to me and my family. #MindfullyEnding2016

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  3. Growing up Christmas was the best time of year for me. As a child, I was always so excited to go to my grandparents in Christmas Eve. After which, my mother would drive us around to look at Christmas lights (there was an alterior motive, but at that time there was four who still believed). We would get home where my dad would be waiting for us. We would all happily change into our new Christmas pjs. There are several silly pictures to prove it. I remember trying to stay up all night long to sneak a peak. My dear sister would always be the first one up. Somehow her presents were always at the front of the tree. Mom would let us open our stocking while we waited for our dad to get up (remember someone had to wait until we all finally fell asleep). Soon dad would wake up and we’d all unwrap our gifts. My favorite part of Christmas was within a few hours my Grandpa, Shirley, uncle Denny, and aunt would come over. My grandpa was always so excited. He has always been my favorite person ever. I miss him dearly. I also miss the fullness when we were all together.

    Fast forward 20 some years later, the fullness of the holiday is not the same as we are scattered throughout states with families. It makes me miss those days.

    I’ve done all my decorating the day after Thanksgiving. I love the feeling in my heart and the memories that race back to me with each ornament I place on the tree. Most all of my ornaments have sentimental value. They are either from trips I taken or gifts from love one. It’s never to early to enjoy the magic of the season.


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