Day #9, Traditions

light_day-9Good morning, lovely people! It’s Saturday, a sleepy, cold Saturday, and a perfect day to look for the light in our lives.

On Christmas Eve each year, my mother gathered us around the tree after dinner. The few presents that preceded Santa were wrapped with precision, and adorned in pretty bows. Three identical packages always waited there, with our names scribbled on them. Matching sister pajamas have been one of our beloved family Christmas traditions for as long as I can remember, and now that we’re grown and don’t spend the holiday all together, it’s the tradition I miss the most.

I’ve continued it in my own home, getting Aaron to wear goofy one piece outfits that match my night gowns. As small and silly as it may seem, it makes me feel ready for the holiday!

Prompt:What holiday family tradition did you love the most? Have you continued it in your own way as an adult, or could you? Why or why not?

One Reply to “Day #9, Traditions”

  1. Happy Saturday! Rainy here in Texas this morning. Always a welcome sight. Its’ the perfect day for indoor holiday preparations. I plan to work on my Christmas cards today. I have not been good about communicating the last few years. I’m not even sure if I have correct addresses for some of the friends and family I hope to send a card to this year. Regardless, I have been reminded to take time to show others how grateful I am to have them in my life. There’s no better time to get started on those cards, since I have a lot of personal notes to put inside;) Our family always celebrated the holidays with two family traditions which centered around music and food. We love to sing and who doesn’t love the treats we get just once a year around the holidays, which always seems to make them just a little more tasty! When me and my siblings were growing up, there was always music in the house. It was a constant in our lives. My family frequently relocated as my dad’s career advanced. Whether we were traveling to our new home, taking a family vacation or just hanging out at home, we listened to and sang along with the radio. All of us.The gift of a singing voice is special. Fortunately, none of us make dogs howl! The music was always in the background, but especially during the holidays. I remember my freshman year in college feeling so overwhelmed by finals and anxious to get home for the winter break. My mom sent a care package with my favorite Christmas treats (which didn’t help with my efforts to avoid the “freshman 10″) and a cassette she made from all the records we listened to at home during the holidays. Listening to that music centered me and made it easier to focus on the task at hand. I still have the cassette , but no longer have a way to listen to it as technology has changed. Can you say, ” Hello Amazon!” I went on a search and found many of those old albums on CD’s  for remarkably low prices, LOL. We still listen to the same songs done by artists who performed them in my youth. My family has added new albums over the years, but I always listen to the classics when decorating and baking.  This brings us to the second family tradition. FOOD. My family shares a sweet tooth. It seems this is a trait passed down for generations. I remember waking to the aroma of my maternal grandmother baking something fresh for dessert most mornings when we visited. In the summer,  it was a  pound cake, egg custard pie, blackberry cobbler, fresh strawberry cake, fried apple pies or our family favorite “Hole Cake.” A side note…this was a white cake made from scratch. Upon taking it out of the oven, holes were poked into it and a cooked fudge frosting would be poured into the holes. Hence, we fondly called it Grandma Keith’s “Hole Cake.” During the holidays, we enjoyed grandma’s fresh coconut cake, peanut butter fudge, peanut butter cookies with Hershey kisses stuffed in the top and a candy we know as “Jets.” Most people call them buckeyes. However, our confections did not resemble a buckeye ball. They were fully dipped in chocolate with a hole in the top where the toothpick came out after it was dipped. They came in vanilla or peanut butter flavors. When my grandparents came to visit for Christmas, grandma would always have some of these treats packed in her suitcase. If not, we made them together after she arrived. I just made a batch of Jets this week and sent them to Aaron and Emily. They won’t be able to join us for Christmas this year, but I wanted to keep our holiday traditions to remind them they are thought about and loved.  My grandma and mom taught me to make most of these recipes and we still enjoy many of them today. They say that our sense of smell and taste are the strongest triggers of memory. I find this to be true. I hope that sharing these treats and listening to holiday music brings back fond memories for my children and their families for generations to come. Peace!

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