Day #7, Grow Your Gratitude

gratitude_day-7Happy Thursday, or Friday Jr. as we call it here in my office. I hope you all woke up to a little less rain and drear than you did yesterday. It’s a chilly day here in Pittsburgh, which is fine by me. Welcome, December!

Today’s the last day we’ll focus on giving thanks, but before we leave gratitude I want to push you to think about how you can change your mindset going forward. A friend of mine keeps a gratitude jar, where she writes things she’s grateful for on slips of paper, and taps into them once a year, to remember all of the things she has to be grateful for.

Prompt: Would something like this help you? Could you commit to writing one more thank you card every month? Come up with a small, sustainable way to carry this week forward. Don’t let this gratitude muscle you’ve been building slip away.

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