Day #5, Scatter Your Gratitude

Hey peeps! Here’s your daily dose of gratitude. Enjoy!

gratitude_day-5I was raised in a house where pleases and thank yous were expected, waited for, and taught. Still, as an adult I know there are people in my life I passively forget to thank, or socially don’t know to thank. Have you ever received a message or note or words of thanks and NOT felt better? More often than not, we find ourselves in the other situation. We put ourselves out there, go the extra mile, do a little more and then find that it was a thankless service. Did anyone care?

Prompt: Do you thank those around you for their role in your life? Do you thank yourself? Practice thanking people for the simple things: your yoga teacher after class, your boss after a meeting, the crossing guard on the street. See what happens!

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