Day #4, Your View

Monday morning, and we’re back at it!

gratitude_day-4For those of us who had a little vacation, we’re back to work and probably more focused on Christmas (or whichever upcoming holiday is stealing your focus) than we were last week. There are things waiting for you on your desk, tasks dying to be taken care of at home, and needs of others swarming your brain. All of these things are begging for your attention, to be put first, to take priority. Pause. Turn off. Just for a moment before your day is too far underway.

Prompt: Take a photo of your view this morning. Write about the beauty of the season, and end by giving Mother Nature a big thank you for this incredible gift of a day.

One Reply to “Day #4, Your View”

  1. Given our Day #4 prompt, it seemed fitting that I was awakened by Mother Nature this morning. A brief storm blew through in the early morning hours with roaring thunder and lightning. The dogs shared their concern by barking to make sure I was aware of what was going on outside, LOL! Like this storm, there was a time when the holidays blew past with the same fury as the storm this morning. However with age and wisdom, a calm has settled in. The holidays are more sentimental now. Sharing the smiles, hugs, laughter, songs, foods and joy of the season with family are life’s most treasured blessings. I focus my attention and energy on my family. Make no mistake, I still get caught up in the “hustle and bustle.” I just don’t let my “To Do List” take over or spoil the holidays. I choose to move slowly and deliberately through the season. I recall past holidays, maintain traditions and look for new ways to celebrate. I make a point of giving back. I share my time and resources helping others, children in particular. It’s the right thing to do. I truly believe the greatest gift we can give ourselves is sharing what we have with others. Emily does this with her blog! The sun is out now and the storm has passed. I am thankful for the rain. It is always welcome in Texas. It is going to be a beautiful day here. The Christmas music is on and all is right with the world. My Cyber Monday shopping is almost done. I even plan to do a little holiday baking and present wrapping today. Take a deep cleansing breath…God is good!



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