Day #3, Gratitude Towards Your Body

Happy Sunday, our day of rest and our third day on this adventure together!

gratitude_day-3Hopefully you’re starting the feel the release and light that a little bit of mindful gratitude can bring into your life. Today, we’re going to be a little bit more literal about self-love. This time of year we gather to do a lot of eating. Sweet cookies tempt us and decadent meals are prepared with extra butter, and carbs. There are so many opportunities to shame ourselves, hold ourselves back, and deprive ourselves of the deliciousness. I’m going to push you a little bit today, to get you out of that mindset.

Prompt: Today, I want you to enjoy! It’s the weekend. It’s the day of rest. It’s the holidays, and you deserve to feel loved and happy and fulfilled. Why not bake an extra batch? And then when you’ve over-indulged, go look at yourself in the mirror. How can you love yourself and your body with extra gusto today? We shame ourselves for indulging in the holiday decadence, but our bodies are celebrating too. Look yourself in the mirror today, and be thankful for your strong, beautiful body. Check out your stomach and thighs and whatever other part of you that feels a little bit unloved, and say it out loud: I love myself.

Does it feel different if you use your name? I love you, Emily.


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