Day #2, Share the Gratitude

Good morning, and happy Saturday. The holiday rush is probably over. Maybe you’re already home or headed home today. Either way, happy Day 2 of our journey!

gratitude_day1Today, I want you to look around and notice those people closest to you. They might be the ones you see at home, or the people you rely on to entertain you with text messages all day long. Maybe you almost never see them, or maybe you say good morning every day when you arrive at the office. We rely on others, need others, even when we feel independent. I know I don’t thank these perfect souls enough for being my people, so today we’re going to fix that.

Prompt: Have you told the ones around you how much you love and appreciate them lately? Write a short note, handwritten or in an email, to a loved one or friend of your choice. Tell them how great they are and be specific! Thank them for their role in your life. Send it, email it, or share it publicly to inspire others. 

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