Day #1, gratitude list

Good morning readers and light-seekers!

gratitude_day1_finalDay one’s task is a simple list, we’re starting slow. All day long, I find myself rattling off complaints, both in my head and out loud. It’s cold, I’m hungry, Is it time to go home yet? We vocalize the issues, the holes, because as a community we are geared towards filling those holes, minding those gaps, but what if we changed our default settings. What if we started just realizing and noticing the great things, the best things. Maybe It feels silly to name the good things, or like it would attract unwanted attention, make you look like you’re bragging. Today, overload yourself with the positive. Show your peers or keep it to yourself, but make a list and keep adding to it when new things come to mind. There is so much to be grateful for, today I want you to look for it.

PromptMake a list of 50 things you’re grateful for. These may be things or people in your life, or aspects of reality that make you happy. Need a little inspiration? Get it from my girl Alyssa Kuzins…gratitude master!

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