Spiritual Travel

meditation_oct-2016Last night, while I meditated, I imagined myself sitting in the center of a large, open, wooden room. It was white, but sort of white-washed and worn. There were windows in front of me, behind me, and to either of my sides. Four pillars supported the ceiling in a square around me. The only door was a rectangular opening in the floor, that descended into the rest of the large house.

I was encircled in candles – large, white, cylindrical candles, all ablaze with the fire of the room. Light danced around, but my eyes remained closed as I manifested and built the rest of the house in my mind. Bedrooms lined the third floor below me, and the second below that. The third floor, though, was set up with community living in mind. Two or Four beds in each room were connected by several adjoining bathrooms. The second floor was more romantic, with large king beds for couples to retreat to in their free time. Each room was designed and named after a favorite novel.

The ground floor, sprawling and warm, would welcome others in for creative collaboration. There was a large dining room with a farm-style community table in one area for sharing meals and workshopping writing, and the coziest and most bohemian living room in another corner that welcomed writers and makers to cuddle up with around the clock coffee and hot-chocolate. The front porch had bench swings and there were warm blankets by the door.

The possibilities of the space are endless. This house, this structure, it exists somewhere outside of my imagination as well. These bare bones are waiting for me somewhere in the world, and I believe if I continue manifesting and believing that, then the answer and path will come.

Twice a month, we will lead workshops – one specifically for writers, and another for yogi writers who want and need inspiration and motivation. We would bring in outside partners – humans who already have workshops and programming built, but don’t have the space or the amenities to accommodate a group. I’d build my own programming too, opening the doors of the B&B for daily yoga classes for the public when occupancy is low or maybe just certain days of the week. I would hold monthly full-moon sisterhood circles for women in the area, and those looking for a weekend getaway.
Last night, while I meditated, I traveled to another world, or maybe this world but later on. Last night, I channeled my future and believed in the endless possibilities that could bring me there. For the first time, though this is not a new dream, this idea felt real and possible and tangible. If anyone you know is looking to get rid of a really big, beautiful home somewhere on the ocean, or in the mountains, or on a farm…I promise I will take perfect care of it.meditation_studio_oct-2016

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