Community: A Journey

pittsburgh_teaI’m finally recovering from my cold, and I’m looking forward to getting back on my mat tonight. I did a few minutes of meditation and a soft flow last night, maybe 10 minutes. It wasn’t much, but it reminded my body how it feels to be in that space. I forgot, for a moment it seems, that yoga is a practice. I was frustrated with my balance last night, with the progress I’ve lost since being sick, but then I woke up this morning in a fresh light. It may take me a few weeks to get back to where I was, to bend over backwards quite as far, to hold myself up on my forearms again, but that’s okay.

It’s ok because that is the journey. It’s not all forward, straight forward. Sometime we do become stagnant, or stunted, or fall backwards. I do. Emotionally, falling backwards is heavy and difficult. Stillness is difficult, too. I’m learning to manage that emotional falter by practicing my physical momentum forwards. That’s where yoga comes in. We can’t always move ourselves along to the next step, to the next major milestone, to the next promotion or whatever we are waiting for. What we can do is keep showing up for ourselves on our mats, and channeling that progress into our bodies and into our spirits. Self care is the most important of all loves, for it nurtures and feeds our souls and allows us to spread the mindful, passionate parts of ourselves to others.

This journey isn’t about going somewhere, it’s about living with intention and focus on your life, and know how you are showing up for yourself and for others. By pushing yourself on your mat, channeling all of your energy into yourself, with yourself, by yourself, you are becoming a stronger being and therefor a stronger and more stable partner for those around you.


That is what I believe this yoga journey is about. Yogis are mindful, beautiful spirits who believe in self care as a means for better relationships. My journey is my outlet for me to live as I want, and be as I want with the ones I love. By acknowledging that I am on a journey, I become aware of realities that are intended for now, not conceptual things I could do. Because I am on a journey, I practice yoga and meditation, I write and read and exist in a way that is motivated by something larger than myself. I am on a journey and we all are, but perhaps you haven’t acknowledged yours just yet.

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