Weird, Not Weird.

goddess-yoga_1-2Sunday morning, I went to a badass workshop run by my girl Alyssa Kuzins. Like most yoga instructors, Alyssa is incredibly inspiring, upbeat and charasmatic, but she’s also got a little something else. Her ability to form a program, and develop the content to reach her audience is unmatched in Pittsburgh. She doesn’t just plan a yoga class, she plans interactive lessons and hands-on fun. This weekend was session #1 of Goddess Yoga, and it rocked. We started the 2-hour session by pulling a goddess card and a truthbomb, and then continued with about an hour of warm, honey-flowing and hip-activating yoga that really stirred up our Shakti energy; A circle of women gathered around a bright candle.

At the end, we laid in Shavasana for just a few minutes, and then slowly rolled up to begin our lesson on two goddesses: Bast and Sekhmet. We wrote about our connections to these women, to their energy and morals, and then we discussed. This safe space for feminine discussion and female empowerment is unique to Alyssa, who truly has a gift for bringing women together. If you’re feeling bummed you missed this session, good news. There are three more! You can sign up here.

My friend and fellow yogi, Alyssa, has a phrase she uses to describe the endless coincidences and connections that surround her life. She says things are “weird, not weird.” You know when people say, “sorry, not sorry?” They’re acknowledging that socially it’s probably the right thing to be “sorry” and yet they are not.

When you’re vibrating at your highest frequency, you become in sync with the world around you. That is what has happened in my life since moving to Pittsburgh. Looking back, it was like I was trying to play a song in Atlanta, putting together all the right words and thoughts, but I had no music…no notes…no frequency to carry my life through. When we came to Pittsburgh, I had the words and the theme down, but I was able to capture the music behind it all through this incredible community of whimsical souls. I actually credit a lot of that connection to Alyssa. When I started looking for a place to plug in my amp, to feel the music, she was right there waiting for me. Weird. Not Weird.

So all of this is to say, it was not weird when this happened this week:

For over a month, I’ve been meditating, writing and talking about the journey to self-awareness and full authenticty through the lenses of mind, body and spirit. I knew this work had a higher purpose, a reason for occupying my mind. It’s taken my focus away from the fiction writing I probably should be thinking about, and I didn’t know why, but it has felt important. And then yesterday, I saw the weird, not weird aspect. Mid morning, I got an email from Sonima, a mindfulness newsletter/website I follow. They are accepting writing submissions, 500-2500 words, on “What are you looking for?” Not only will there be a cash reward, but those 6 essays will be featured on Sonima…which would be huge for my writing exposure.

goddess-yoga_1-4The only part that I still haven’t made sense of, is why when I first read the prompt, I didn’t make the connection to my mind, body and spirit work right away. It wasn’t until my commute to work this morning, that the ideas came together as one. I’m not sure if I didn’t immediately think of that writing as “mine” since it’s been a collaborative effort up to this point, or if I just thought I’d write something brand new. I still have to write pretty much an entire piece from scratch, but I have an incredible platform to start from and amazing content to extend if it gets published.

I think this is the universe telling me something, asking me to step up. I’ve written in pretty much every platform you can think of. I have filled journals with doodles in pink pen, and formatted short stories in Times New Roman. I have typed up a script for a radio broadcast, and copy-edited newspaper articles before print. Despite all of that, I have never entered a paid writing competition…in fact I’ve only ever submitted fluff pieces to blogs/websites I like.

It’s time for me to start thinking outside my box. While still generating content for my blog on a very regular basis, I need to push myself to write finished pieces that are ready for these kinds of submissions. This one just FELL into my lap, so now I’m wondering what other opportunities are out there. Where else can I be challenged, motivated and possible rewarded for my work, my passion. I know this is my journey.

goddess-yoga_1-3Last night, Aaron was watching Monday Night Football, when one of his favorite players walked up behind a reporter and began to goof off, pretending to do the broadcast himself.

“That’s what I love about profession athletes,” he said. “The best ones aren’t nervous, they’re bold and passionate because they’re doing what they’re meant to do.”

“That’s how I feel when I write,” I said.

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