Review: September 2016 YogiSurprise

yogisurprise_boxEvery month, I get two subscription boxes from YogiSurprise. One is a lifestyle box, filled with all-natural products to enhance the life of a yogi. The other is a jewelry box, with sacred stones and spiritual beads that will fill the heart and soul of your daily practice. I’m constantly telling my friends and my readers about the boxes, but I’ve never actually formally reviewed the contents in writing. So this month I thought I’d share. This month, the theme of both boxes was “Transitioning with Intention” in hopes of making the transition into Fall a bit more peaceful.


yogisurprise_sept_lifestyleHere’s how I felt about each item, in order of awesomeness.

  1.  Every Little Thing Balm: I’m a sucker for healing balms. If you’re anything like me, your hands and feet are afraid of the coming cold weather, even if your sweater fetish is ready for it. My hands crack in the winter chill, and plain old lotion just doesn’t cut it. This is the second or third healing balm I’ve had from YogiSurprise, and I think it’s my favorite. It has 16 different essential oils in it, as well as shea butter and coconut oil.
  2. Namate Ninja: This essential oil spray is multi-functional. It’s a great post-work out facial spritz, but it can also be used to clean up your mat and freshen the smell. The company that makes it seems pretty cool, so I definitely recommend checking it out.
  3. EcoLips, Relieve: This one is cocoa vanilla nut scented, and while it feels great on my lips, the smell is a little distracting. It dissipates quickly, though, and the result is very smooth lips!
  4. The Commuter: This is a Manduka branded mat carrying strap! YogiSurprise sent out a variety of colors, but mine is navy. I have a couple of bags and another similar strap, so I’m thinking I’ll hold onto this and perhaps give it to a yogi friend. If you’re reading this, it may even be you!
  5. Botanic Bath Salt: This all-natural bath treatment looks amazing. What sucks? I don’t have a bath tub! I’m thinking this may be another awesome re-gift for a lucky friend or family member.
  6. Matcha Now: All I can say is shake, shake, shake. This clever bottle holds the green tea matcha powder in the top until you turn the cap to release it. Then you shake the bottle and make your own green tea. It’s a clever contraption, but the tea was only OK. I drank about half and then recycled the bottle. I’m glad I got to try it, though!



yogisurprise_sept_jewelryThis month’s jewelry box was a serious treasure chest. Inside was:

  1. A beautiful yew wood and Amazonite Mala, to “stimulate creativity and enhance physical stamina.” I’d seen the pictures of this Mala online before they sent it. The colors were striking, but I couldn’t have known how perfect it really was until it arrived at my house this weekend. I swear, I wore it every day for three days! Today, I didn’t wear it and I’m kind of sad about it.
  2. A rosewood and white Howlite bracelet, with an adjustable clasp. These rosewood beads are redder than I would normally choose, but I love the way it feels on my wrist. The knots are well-tied and the beads are all perfectly shaped. It’s a stunning piece, and definitely brings calm and wonder into my energy.
  3. BONUS: YogiSurprise like to incorporate a food item into this box as a sample. This month I got to try Omefree chocolate cookies. They’re gluten and dairy free, but totally awesome! I kind of ate them really fast, before I even took the pictures. Yes, that bag is empty…
  4. EXTRA BONUS: Your first of either box comes with a set of Chakra stones! I got a pack in one of my lifestyle boxes a while back, but since this is my first jewelry box I got another. I brought them to the office to keep on my desk!


Needless to say, this monthly treat is a luxury, but it’s such a nice gift to myself. It nourishes my practice, and feeds my spirit. It also allows me to connect with other yogis and the larger yogi community about different products or themes. I do feel like this Fall is going to be a little bit of a transition for me, and I want to be intentional about it. For the first time in years, I don’t live in the south. Fall and Winter are coming, and I want to really feel the seasons, not just let them pass.

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