The Power of Your Pen

Do you consider yourself a writer? I wish that more people did.

Being a writer doesn’t mean you want to be published, or even that you want to share your words. Writing and journaling has been an outlet for self-expression and documenting milestones for a long time. I bet most of your grandmothers, and even your mothers kept a journal. Maybe you kept a sweet little diary when you were little, but it’s a habit you believe you’ve outgrown.
FullSizeRender (4)I want to push you to reconsider this. We’re all writers. Words are a tool we all share to express ourselves, communicate with one another, and to make sense of the thoughts and feelings inside ourselves.

Friends have told me they’d like to write, but they’re not sure what they need to say, or where to start. Others have told me they want to start doing yoga, but don’t know where to begin. These are independent activities that are available to you anytime, and I want to help equip each and every one of you to love yourself and express yourself using these tools.

So I’m just gauging interest right now, watering and nurturing a small seed of an idea I have. Tons of you have reached out to me this week, told me what your journeys have been like, shared with me the connection you feel to my words. You’re looking for more ways to connect, more ways to share in sadness and in light with those loving spirits around you.

What if I gave you a way to connect? What if I mapped out a 7-day journey for our community to share in together, focusing each day on a different yoga pose, a different chakra energy source, and a different writing prompt. I’d encourage you to share your journey either publicly on social media, or anonymously through my page. We all have things to share, something to say. Would you take this kind of journey with me?

Let me know by answering this poll, and leave comments below.

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