Happy September. 

September SelfieAs most of you know, I love a new month more than you can understand. Have you ever thought what our lives would feel like without the months? If we just numbered the days 1-365 it would be the same, right? What’s your birthday? Day 47. Can you imagine? Nothing would be new for an entire year, it would just be continuous and we would be living on that perpetual cycle. Instead, we have the gift of fresh starts, of new beginnings and little celebrations. We don’t just have a birthday, we have an entire birthday month with a gemstone devoted to us, astrological symbols assigned and themed calendars we rely on. As we leave my birthday month behind and say hello to September, I am filled with anticipation of a beautiful Fall.

I’ve had an incredibly abundant summer, with passion and love and family all around. Our house has come together beautifully, and this new city already feels like home. My yoga practice is slowly building strength, and I’m finding balance in my robust work life and my sweet, safe home life. I am blessed, and immersed in my own soul and spirit for which I am perpetually grateful. This Fall holds a lot of treasure for us as well, with several family birthdays to celebrate and visits to look forward to. Aaron and I will celebrate 3 years together on his birthday this month, an anniversary I love to love.

So what can change for you this month? Can today be the new beginning of something? Perhaps it’s the first step on your journey towards self-love, or maybe it’s simply choosing to treat yourself to something you’ve had your eye on. Maybe it’s just telling those around you how much you care, or committing to live with more intention or passion this month. Whatever it is, I hope you find yourself happy and full of life.

If you’re looking for a few ideas, maybe you don’t know what kind of change or treat you need, here are a few of the monthly things I look forward to:

  • Habit Tracker – Most of you know that I hold myself accountable for important things using a habit tracker printable. I believe it’s a meaningful way to keep track of how you spend your time, and how consistant you’re doing the things you love. I swear, there’s a direct correlation in my life between the consistancy of my writing, yoga and reading and my overall happiness. You can find the link to the printable I use here.
  • YogiSurprise Boxes – Every month I get a box filled with trendy and popular yogi products. This month, I’ve decided to up the game and get their jewelry box as well. I’ll review my September boxes on the blog, but if you want to see for yourself, sign up here.
  • Fabletics – I’m sure some of you already wear Kate Hudson’s awesome athletic wear. For those of you who don’t, I urge you to reconsider. Each month they release new styles at totally reasonable prices. I don’t order something EVERY month, but I would if I could. It seriously motivates me to get on my mat if I know I can look fierce doing it, and feel even better. Check it out here.
  • Blog Planning! That’s right, a the beginning of every month I print a blank calendar and plan my content for all of you. That means if you every think of something you want to read about here, you should let me know early so I can plan!

Maybe you want to do something nice, but you don’t want to spend the money on yourself. To balance my monthly yogi boxes, I’ve started getting Aaron a monthly subscription box as well. SprezzaBox is a regular dose of menswear and accessories that he loves. Every month he gets a new tie, socks and an assortment of accessories varying from cuff links to pocket notebooks. For $25/month he gets to feel good and look good doing it, check it out here.

Don’t let September come and go without acknowledging this opportunity to breathe new life into your routine. You are the light you seek, all you have to do is decide it’s time for happiness.


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