Sunday Afternoon.

By E.Louise

When waking up is success enough,

When my make up is the mask I show the world, 

Because my own face isn’t strong enough to bare the scrutiny,

Because falling down and getting back up can hurt even the tough.

But when you stand beside me I feel softer than snow.

My strength you are not, for I am my own power and muscle. 

But as the leaves in the fall need a little help from the wind, I too need you.

For you are the smile that covers my face on Sunday afternoon,

And you are the rapid heartbeat I feel when the front door opens.

You are the warm hands that move against my morning shower,

And you are the soft kiss on the back of my neck as I drift to sleep.

No, you are not my strength.

You are the light at the end of this dark tunnel.

You are my hope.

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