Full of Life

Truthbomb_2016.08.25After I post on my blog, or upload something new to Instagram, I always click through the posts with the same hashtags I used. At first, I think I did this to get more attention on social media. Now, I do it for inspiration. To see what other creative spirits are putting out into the world.

I stumbled across a blog on Monday that really touched my heart. This girl was writing about her struggle with depression, her journey with yoga, and the therapeutic nature of writing. I knew after reading one post that I had to reach out to her. I commented on that first post, followed her blog and left the rest up to the powers of the universe. Within hours we were Direct Messaging on Instagram. Her first message to me was simple, one line.

“You are so full of life.” She then added, “I love it. Thanks for finding me on here! How long have you been doing yoga?”

We’ve talked more, and connected over several aspects of our lives. Still, that first line was the most powerful.

Family_2016.8.25I don’t necessarily think of myself that way. I live, and love, and try to spend my time in meaningful ways, but I sit home and watch TV a lot too. I spend some weekends alone at home reading books from the comfort of my hammock. My idea of a fun night out involves being home in bed by 10:30. I am a lot of things, but is “full of life” one of them? I couldn’t shake the thought.

That was Monday. Four days later, I feel sure that this young woman’s evaluation is correct. What I couldn’t see through my own eyes is very clear to a third party, apparently. It’s not that I was taking my little life for granted, it’s just that I hadn’t zoomed out in a while to see just how great my big picture is. I am full of life, and I’m happier than I have been in years. In large part, I have each and every one of you to thank. Without an amazing audience of readers my motivation to keep writing, keep showing up, keep practicing, would be low.

When you’re surrounded by darkness, it’s time to be the light. This simple reminder has helped me time and time again. If you’re in your darkest hours, or even just some of your dimmer ones, find a way to be the light you need. It may be through yoga, or baking, or running or something completely out of my range of thinking. What can you do to make the world more like what you dream it could be?


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