Want, Need, Abundance & Bills.

Books_NalaIf you’re anything like me, your relationship with money is broken and it hasn’t been your priority to fix it. This weekend I finished a book, Creating Money: Attracting Abundance, one that I’d been working on for a while. When I first picked up this book, I was prepared for practical budgeting advice, lucrative entrepreneurial ideas, and a certain amount of lecturing regarding my current financial situation. My view of money has always been one of negligence. Even when I have enough to get by, I’d rather ignore it until my card gets declined than pay attention to a budget. My view was quickly turned around when I started to read the introduction and found two great spirits of abundance being summoned to the reader’s attention. This was certainly not the self-help finance book I was anticipating.

Ultimately, this book was a little out there – woo woo for anyone walking that line between reality and spirituality – but really managed to open my eyes to the way I think and react to matters of money. We can’t always control the flux of money or abundance in our bank accounts, but we can bask in the abundance we have, and learn to control our reactions to both the ebbs and the flows.

I have been adjusting to a new pay cycle the last few months. Instead of a paycheck every other Friday, I now receive a direct deposit at the end of each month. The money is the same, but the dispersion is not, and by the last week or two of the month I end up feeling panicked. See, by this point all of the bills are payed, my parking cash has been withdrawn, I’ve done pretty much all of the grocery shopping we need, and I’ve made a payment on my credit card balance. There’s nothing else to pay, but that feeling of worry and stress stays with me. Creating Money talks a lot about not living a lack lifestyle, even when your account balance is low. Each chapter holds a meditation or writing exercise to help manifest the things you want and need in your life.

Perhaps that was the most eye-opening portion of the entire book. Want vs. Need. When examining the areas of my life where I need something, the results are minimal. We are so fortunate, I genuinely struggled to come up with something I need more of in my life. Want, sure, but need is quite different, and all that I truly need is a little more simplicity and a lot more creativity.

Creating MoneyThere are so many ways, without more money, to build and realize the abundance in our lives. This book can help us create an understanding of our financial situations, but it can also be used in a much broader sense, to build our understanding of abundance.

After finishing just the intro, I went and made myself an account with Mint to maintain my finances. For the first time in my life, I understand my spending and feel in control of my debt and bills. I have had enough money all along, but it wasn’t until now that I’ve put any intention behind my spending.

By limiting our lack-mentalities and focusing on the areas of our worlds that are the most robust, we begin to account for all the places where we are succeeding. Instead of saying, “I can’t afford that,” try saying, “buying that isn’t a priority for me this week.” In all likelihood, you have the dollars in your wallet or on your credit card to purchase the item in question, but paying your bills and buying food are more important to you. By re-framing the statement, we gain control over our own lives and take ourselves out of the lack mentality.

Creating Money also talks a lot about opening our hearts and being ready for opportunity, listening to our instincts and following our guts. The world is full of connections and finding them can be a huge start to creating abundance in your life. Say yes, be ready, follow your instincts. Open your heart through regular asana practice and meditation. Listen to and honor your higher self, because this money business isn’t going anywhere.

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