Last night I left work and journeyed to my very first yoga retreat. 7 women and our yogi guide, Alyssa, are staying in a cabin in a nearby state park, spending 4 days practicing, meditating, eating well and connecting in new and deeper ways to ourselves and to each other. One of the biggest challenges of this trip is unplugging, disconnecting, and shutting down while away from our loved ones. I’ll be journaling my way through the weekend, scribbling down any inspirations that come to me between practices and discussions. We’ll be taking pictures, chronicling all of our physical and emotional successes as a group, but I won’t be able to post anything real until we return.

Unplugging is hard for me. For the next three days, I’m pretty much out of reach. My phone will be off for 23 hours a day, and all of my energy will be pouring into the work in and around the cabin. When your most important people are hundreds of miles away, you get used to being plugged in and on-call all of the time. I sit at my computer nearly 8 hours a day. I check my email constantly, and track my blog followers throughout the day. If one of my people FaceTimes me at some odd hour of the night, they know I will answer. But this weekend, I’m retreating from the sound of my phone, and tapping into my own needs, wants and desires instead. I’m taking a break from the noise, the precious noises even, and channeling silence and stillness of mind and body. I’m breaking free of adulthood for three days and playing in the park with new friends.

By unplugging, I hope to gain clarity, authenticity and peace so that when I plug back in Sunday afternoon I will be able to translate the inspirational and transformational experiences of this retreat back to the people I love so dearly, all of you.

Namaste, see you Tuesday.

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