I Love Myself.

I’m not very good at celebrating myself on a regular basis. Self-reflection is a big part of my life, but unfortunately I tend to focus on the areas that need improvement rather than the areas of success. Every year on my birthday, though, my thinking changes and for just a few hours I revel in how happy I am to be me. So today, in honor of my birthday, here are 24 things I love about myself. I hope it inspires you to ask yourself what you love about you, too.

  1. Intentional. I’m far from perfect, we all know this, but I act and speak with intention as often as I can.
  2. Goofy. I’m not afraid to laugh at myself, or others, when something unexpected comes at us.
  3. Loving. I can be a real bitch, but I keep my inner circle tight and I love my people so endlessly.
  4. Honest. Not only am I a horrible liar, I often don’t see the point in a lie. I’d rather just be honest about who I am, and how I feel. It will help both of us in the long-run.
  5. Intuitive. I’ve learned to listen to my gut, even if I’m wrong about what is going to happen, the feeling is usually worth trusting.
  6. Balanced. I am a constant work in progress, but I’m becoming more and more balanced every day.
  7. Emotional. This used to be something I disliked about myself. I was under the impression that being too in touch with my emotions made me weak, and that crying in difficult situations made me a loser. In reality, most people would envy my emotional intelligence and my ability to care for myself. I’m a badass.
  8. Romantic. Again, this I did not always love. It often left me disappointed, because I over-idealized every situation. Now, I’m just grateful I’ve got my rose-colored glasses to get me through this world. If nothing else, maybe I can help add a little romance to our reality.
  9. Flexible. Both physically and metaphorically, I’ve improved my flexibility exponentially (ugh math) in the last three years. I practice yoga daily, but I’ve also learned the importance of compromise, pacing myself and communication.
  10. Guarded. This may not seem positive, but for me it has been. I spent most of my life desperate to make friends, connections and to be “cool.” The result was endless rejection and unhappiness. Since I’ve learned the value of my time, attention and companionship, I’ve built an army of incredible humans I get to call my people. It took me 20 years to learn to love myself, and I simply don’t have that time to spend on other people.
  11. Proud. How could I not be? Life is far from problem-free, but I’ve got such a beautiful life, filled with even more beautiful people. I’m so proud of myself.
  12. Peaceful. I haven’t struggled with anxiety like I used to in almost a year. I’ve found so much peace in the present moment.
  13. Quiet. Filling the silence used to be a specialty of mine, but I’ve learned to lean into these moments of discomfort and listen more instead.
  14. Spiritual. I’ve begun to find my understanding of faith in my own light, seeing the power of the earth and my own energy colliding.
  15. Reliable. I value being trusted, and leaned on by those I love.
  16. Supportive. I build up others in my life, and tell them the truth about what I think. I never want to be the passive friend who isn’t honest, who doesn’t love and support regardless of my opinion.
  17. Silly. Naturally, I’m not the silliest person, but with the light Aaron brings into my life I am reminded of the laughter and love all around us.
  18. Healthy. Chocolate every day is good for you, right.
  19. Strong. I can literally hold my own weight over my head. *see “Proud”
  20. Ugly. I’m not afraid anymore to be seen without my make-up, in my pajamas, or pre-shower, but you might want to be a little afraid…
  21. Thoughtful. As a writer, I’d be pretty screwed if the interesting thoughts stopped coming, so yes I love this about myself.
  22. Willing. Lazy, but motivated on occasion.
  23. Artistic. Creating makes me feel alive.
  24. Happy. Can I really ask for anything more?

Don’t be afraid to celebrate yourself, today, tomorrow, always.


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